I'm Emil Flach,

I'm studying Design for Interaction at the TU Delft and I've done quite some web development. Currently I'm employed at Skopei Digital, but I'm also available as a freelancer. Hit me up if you are thinking about a project, find me on LinkedIn, Github or mail me.

My work

Platform for connecting robotics companies


Skopei Digital, Live website

RoboValley aims to connect robotics companies. This platform was developed to provide a place where robotics news could be shared and discussed. The platform can also host content that is available after payment, this was realised using Stripe.

Reservation platform for bikes at landal


Skopei Digital, Live website

Landal Greenparks needed an interface for their guests to rent bikes. Cycleshare offers the bikes and the backend, this interface is another way to communicate with that API.

A bike sharing company


Skopei Digital, Live website

Cycleshare has set up a bike sharing system for organisation. This is a new website to inform which services they provide to which organisations.

Sign up for supair


Skopei Digital, Live website

Supair is a company that helps TU Delft graduates to get technical jobs. This website is a big form that generates a resume in word, this allows Supair to refine the resume with the applicant.

Web app for sharing exam information


Freelance, Live website

A project I made with Max Hoeboer, we both did parts of the backend and frontend. This website is for high school students to exchange example tests and summaries.

Landing page for the company I work at


Skopei Digital, Live website

A landing page to reach the different divisions of Skopei.

Corporate site for automation products

Skopei 360

Skopei Digital, Live website

A website for our sister company Skopei 360. This website is used to show the range of mobility and office automation products that Skopei 360 offers.

Festival website for IFOT


Skopei Digital, Live website

My first big website developed at Skopei Digital, my job was to make the design come to life. This website was made for the International Festival of Technology, hosted by the TU Delft.

Coffee robot made during my minor


Course result

A coffee delivery robot developed during my minor robotics at the TU Delft. My part in this project was to develop overall shape, exterior paneling, the android app, the API and the communication software which was built on ROS.

A web app to manage boardgame scores


Freelance, Live website

Play2Rank is a web app that allows you to keep track of your boardgame results. From a development perspective, the goal of this project was to make an incredibly swift (mobile) experience. For this project I developed a comprehensive backend and frontend.

The blimpinator


Course result

I followed the Mechatronics elective and as a final project, we decided to make a blimp. I did the communication programming and made the android app controlling the blimp.

A website made for i.d


Student association PR, Live website

This website was intended to inform and prepare the first year students of my faculty for their introduction weekend. Floris Jansen and I made this website as a template and it is still being used.

A small remote controlled car to play with your cat from anywhere on the world.

Cattoy 2.0

Course result

This project was developed during the elective course Software in my third study year. The cattoy is a remote controlled car which used an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi for control and communication. The car was controlled by an android app which showed a live camera feed.

Sign up for IOB


Student association PR

This website was made to sign up for a business event that my student association hosts. I made this sign up page with Floris Jansen during one long weekend.

My first web app, piecie


Training, Live website

My first "real" web app, used to keep track of student home expenses. I made this in PHP without frameworks and focused on fast response times.