I'm Emil Flach,

I play with smart homes, software and electronics. I'm a product owner at Backbase, where we help build the banks that people love.
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A snapshot of the plant website.

Emil & Lucia's Plants

Hobby project, 2021

In two lockdown weekends, I built a place to showcase the plants we have in our home. It's a website built with VueJS, which fetches data from Google Sheets and shows them in a Pinterest layout. When interested, it's possible to request a cutting (stekje) and it will send the request through Google forms.

Slimmer Dimmer

Graduation project, 2019

During my graduation I created a smart dimmer that works for everyone. Enthusiasts have been developing smart homes for years, but their smart homes are not perfect and can be hard to understand. This dimmer combines smart behavior with traditional dimming, allowing anyone to be in control.

Inclusive smart dimmer in use.

Dimmer onboarding

Graduation project, 2019

This onboarding prototype introduces a smart home enthusiast to the Slimmer Dimmer. It has them configure the product and teaches the most important controls. This specific prototype had users understand the controls and behavior under a minute.

Smart migrant dispenser in use.

Smart Migrants Dispenser

Course result, 2018

The dispenser was a result of the ITD course, which teaches rapid prototyping of experiences. This prototype conveys a future in which the government has initiated a mandatory integration program. It was made for exhibitions and was featured at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and at Highlight in Delft. The machine was a strong tool for debate, exactly as designed.

The Senseo Switch redesign in action during a user test.

Senseo Switch Redesign

Course result, 2018

This was the result of a half year course UXAD, which teaches design evaluation. To provide an accurate evaluation of our final redesign, I built a working prototype. The prototype was wired onto the Senseo circuit board to allow for of our redesign to control the Senseo. Aside from prototyping I was involved with designing, testing and documenting.

Reservation platform for bikes at landal

Bike rental for landal

Skopei Digital, 2018

Cycleshare needed an interface for the guests of Landal Greenparks to rent their bikes. This multilingual frontend is built with VueJS and signifies the point at which I moved away from PHP.

Platform for connecting robotics companies


Skopei Digital, 2017

RoboValley platform was developed to provide a place where robotics news could be shared and discussed. The platform hosts content that is available after payment, which was realized using Stripe. This is my largest frontend and backend project to date.

Supair helps recent graduates get a job


Skopei Digital, 2017

Supair is a company that helps TU Delft graduates to get technical jobs. This website is a form that generates a resume. The website was my first frontend and backend project at Skopei.

Festival website for IFOT


Skopei Digital, 2016

The International Festival of Technology is hosted by the TU Delft and features many events. The website features a comprehensive schedule and elaborate event pages. This website was the first in a series of frontend development.

Coffee robot made during my minor


Course result, 2015

Cobot was built to autonomously deliver coffee in our faculty. The robot was developed during my minor robotics, which taught me about ROS, embedded software and electrical engineering. My responsibilities were project management, the exterior paneling, the android app and all communication software.

A web app to manage boardgame scores


Freelance, 2015

Play2Rank is a web app that allows you to keep track of your boardgame results. The goal of this project was to make a swift mobile experience. This was my first comprehensive backend and frontend using Laravel.

The blimpinator


Course result, 2015

During the Mechatronics elective, we decided to make a blimp. The blimp could be controlled using an android app and was able to stay at a steady height. I learned about Bluetooth communication, android development and control systems.

My practice app, piecie


Practice, 2014

My first web app, which was used to keep track of student home expenses. I had started to get a hang of PHP and I wanted to challenge myself. I learned what was needed for fast response times and mobile performance.